When Port Charlotte police tried to get Catherine Allford out of her car, she allegedly went limp. Then bundles of US$10,000 in cash fell from underneath her dress.

By Ian Horswill

Posted on June 13, 2019

Catherine Allford was seriously loaded.

A staggering US$110,000 fell out of the 63-year-old’s dress after she drove her grey-coloured 124 Spider Fiat through a crowd in a Harley-Davidson shop’s car park in Port Charlotte, Florida. Police also found a US$100 note in her underwear during a search.

Catherine Allford, from Charlotte County, North Carolina, allegedly drove through a crowd of people at a concert in the car park of a Harley-Davidson shop, running over the foot of man sitting near the stage on Sunday.

She reportedly told police that she had undergone back surgery and “probably took too many pain pills” before ploughing through the customer appreciation day celebration. Allford, who reportedly works in real estate with her husband, was oblivious to people at the concert yelling at her to stop as her convertible rolled through the cordoned off parking lot and toward a concert stage.

She eventually hit a curb and was unable to drive any further. Allford then reportedly threw her car into reverse but hit another curb while trying to leave the scene. Witnesses surrounded the sportscar and waited for police to arrive.

When cops got there, the car’s engine was still running and Allford appeared to be crying, Charlotte Sun reported.

When police officers tried to get her out of the vehicle, she allegedly went limp. Then, bundles of US$10,000 in cash fell from underneath her dress.

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Allford was released on US$15,000 bond after being charged by Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office with DUI, DUI with damage to property or person, leaving the scene of a crash involving injuries, and refusal to submit to DUI testing.

Lori Burke, of Southwest Florida Mothers Against Drunk Driving, said even though Allford was not caught with illegal drugs or alcohol, when you drive under the influence of pain medications, you risk your life and so much more.

“It can impair you just as much, if not more,” she told Fox 12 Oregon. “The reason why there’s a sticker on the medication bottle that says do not operate heavy machinery. Heavy machinery is a car. A 3,000-pound bullet.”