Tesla car owner Amie DD implants key into her arm

A female software engineer Amie DD, clearly the forgetful type, wants to unlock and start her car using only her arm.

Amie DD, who is from Dallas, Texas, said she had been working on the biohacking project for 12 months.

The woman owns a Tesla Model 3 and the project is to implant the RFID chip from the Tesla Model 3 valet card into her left arm.

Originally her plan was to use the existing RFID implant chip that was already in her hand to be able to start the Tesla Model 3. That method, which would have involved taking the Java applet and writing it onto her own chip, did not work because of Tesla’s security.

She came up with another method and released a video showing how she “biohacked” her body.

Amie, who has a background in game simulation and computer programming, used acetone to remove the chip from the valet card. VivoKey encased the chip in biopolymer.

Tesla chip in biopolymer.jpg

She took the biopolymer to a professional tattoo artist who implanted it.

Amie DD made a video to prove it and you can see it here. Be warned, there is a fair amount of blood shown.

Pineapple and Amie DD.jpeg

Amie DD, in a longer video posted below, talks a little about her original implant in her left hand, which she says is used for “access control”. She uses it to unlock the door of her home.

Amie DD also has a page on Hackaday.io that explains the project and the process.

She repeatedly contacted Tesla during the process and is part of Tesla’s bug bounty program.

“I’m part of Tesla bug crowd bounty, and I’ve been looking through, to see what information I can get from the car, to see if writing data to my current RFID hand implant is a possibility,” she wrote.

She has yet to reveal if the biohack has worked. We will keep you posted.

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