Australia uses 25% renewable energy on main grid

Renewable Energy

Australia is quietly changing the way it sources its power, using more and more renewable energy.

For the first time, and this has not been mentioned by Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the country’s main grid is using 25% renewable energy.

With the country’s main news outlets consumed by the coronavirus pandemic, it is news that should be celebrated widely. Australia is continuing to invest in renewable energy and more and more is being channelled into the main grid.

The 25% share in 2020 is a 4% increase on last year, which in turn, rose from 19% in 2018, Renew Economy reported.

“A huge achievement, and a long way to go,” tweeted energy transition specialist Simon Holmes à Court.

Australia is using 19% less coal in its main grid than 10 years ago as it harnesses the use of solar power and wind power.

Renewable investment in Australia has exceeded expectations and given a boost to the economy, which is now in recession. There are currently 92 projects that are in construction (or due to start construction soon) in Australia, the Clean Energy Council states.

Australia’s renewable projects in and about to be in construction. Photo: Clean Energy Council

The share of wind and solar reached 22% of all power in the last month. In the state of South Australia, solar power hit 94% demand on Sunday.

The Australian Government states the country Australia will reach 50% renewables by 2030. The AEMO has outlined a 20-year plan to reach up to 94% renewables by 2040.

The June 2020 Quarterly Carbon Market Report, published by the Clean Energy Regulator at the beginning of the month, showed large-scale renewables remain on track to deliver around 3.4 GW in new generation capacity for 2020, while rooftop solar looks likely to exceed the CER’s previous estimate of 2.7GW in 2020 and hit a total of 2.9GW.

Denmark is the world leader in the production of renewable energy, with half of its national power supply from wind and solar in 2019. Wind Energy provided 47% of power consumption in Denmark.

The milestone was recorded by Energinet, an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities which owns, operates, and develops the transmission systems for electricity and natural gas in Denmark.

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