Toddler hit by ball in MLB match has brain damage

The two-year-old suffered bleeding and swelling in her brain, as well as a seizure and a brain contusion after being hit. She is now taking medication to prevent more seizures while she recovers at home.

Who is NBA Draft No. 1 Zion Williamson?

"He doesn’t really make sense as a human – science says one person shouldn’t be able to weigh that much, jump that high, and run that fast – which is why, at a fundamental level, people just love to watch Williamson play basketball."

FIFA Women’s World Cup: 13-0 ‘not fair or ideal’

Former Canada player and broadcaster on Canadian network TSN Kaylyn Kyle said she was "disgusted" at the way the US players conducted themselves in their first match in the FIFA Women's World Cup. She received death threats as a result.