Sunday was a rare day, a palindrome


No matter where you live, Sunday was a very special and rare day, it was in fact a palindrome.

Yes, there are major sporting events taking place in Australia with the Men’s Singles Final in the Australian Open tennis championships and Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida, but for of all of us Sunday, 2 February was a palindrome, meaning it is the same when read forwards and backwards.

It is February 2, 2020, or 02/02/2020, in both the MM/DD/YYYY format and the DD/MM/YYYY format. At just after 2 am, it was 02:02:20 on 02/02/2020.

The last time there was a palindrome was 909 years ago on 11-11-1111. The next will come in 101 years on 12/12/2121 and after that there will not be another until 03/03/3030.

Palindrome derives from the Greek word for running back again, and defines a number, word or phrase that is the same read forward and backward. CNN reported think: “Madam, in Eden, I’m Adam.”)

Palindromic dates have long been viewed as carrying special significance and even spirituality. Adding to the universal appeal and rarity of Sunday’s date is its achieving the eight-digit palindrome pinnacle, working in the cross-cultural formats of MM-DD-YYYY and DD-MM-YYYY.

Solihull School Maths Department wrote on Twitter: “Today is a Palindrome Day in all date formats (UK, USA, ISO). It’s also a palindrome day of the year (33) and there are a palindrome number of days left in the year (333). Quite a unique day!”

The Royal Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas was advertising weddings on the “significant” date, pointing out that your two-year anniversary would fall on 2/2/22.

“Two being the ultimate symbolic number representing you and your spouse to be,” the Royal Wedding Chapel said.

Human brains are naturally inclined to look for patterns, and many consider such dates lucky. Daniel Hardt, president of Life Path Numerology Centre in Indianapolis, called it a “powerful day”.

Ivanka Trump pointed out to her 7.6 million Twitter followers that most of us won’t be around on the the next eight-digit palindrome date of 12-12-2121.

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