Hold on, India has landed on the moon

K Sivan, the chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation, said the Vikram lander was found on the moon by cameras on board the spacecraft Chandrayaan-2.

A space hotel operational by 2025

The Von Braun Space Station would be made of two rotating concentric rings that the Gateway Foundation claims would provide artificial gravity one-sixth as strong as Earth’s by 2025.

Skull find challenges theory of human evolution

The finding of the 3.8 million years old skull contradicts the long-held notion of anagenesis in hominins, whereby one species disappears and gives rise to the next in a linear fashion.

Hey world, India’s nearing the moon

The Indian Space Research Organisation has released the first photograph of its lunar orbiter Chandrayaan-2 as it approaches the moon with the Mare Orientale basin and Apollo craters clearly in view.

Meet Garlic the world’s first cloned cat

"My cat died of urinary tract disease. I decided to clone him because he was so special and unforgettable," said the cloned cat's owner Huang Yu, who paid US$35,400 for Garlic.

Richard Branson unveils Virgin Galactic Spaceport

Virgin Galactic has had several successful test flights, but there’s no indication when its first actual commercial flight will be. The fit-out of the interior of the building indicates it might be imminent.