NASA and SpaceX pass critical final test

“This critical flight test puts us on the cusp of returning the capability to launch astronauts in American spacecraft on American rockets from American soil,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

Oldest material known to exist on Earth discovered

Scientists from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago discovered presolar grains in their sample from the Murchison meteorite and said that it was the oldest ever discovered. Some grains were believed to be more than 5.5 billion years old - before the Sun was created.

NASA picks the spot for signs of life

Engineers picked the Nightingale site from four final candidate spots on Bennu, arguing it could be the best place to find organic material and water on the asteroid.

Water on planet Mars just a shovel away

The polar ice is the most well-known because the orbiters have imaged it. Meteors even helped increase understanding of the polar ice because they impact it, allowing the orbiter to take pictures of the disturbed ice.