Twitter basically accuses Trump of lying

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Twitter has bascially called the US President Donald Trump a liar.

Twitter, co-founded by its CEO Jack Dorsey, said Donald Trump made “false claims” in an article on the latest news on the Twitter app.

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The accusation refers to a tweet by Donald Trump about his first defence secretary James Mattis, the retired US Marine Corps general.

Trump had tweeted that he had given James Mattis the nickname “Mad Dog” and later fired him.

Twitter’s article stated that Mattis resigned, and his nickname preceded Donald Trump’s presidency.

The allegation comes after Twitter fact-checked two of President Donald Trump’s tweets and labelled another as glorifying violence.

The latest confrontation was prompted by a strongly-worded statement issued by General Mattis, in which he criticised Donald Trump’s handling of the protests that followed the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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General Mattis described Donald Trump as “the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people – does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us”.

Trump fired back quickly in a tweet saying that the one thing he and predecessor Barack Obama had in common was “we both had the honour of firing Jim Mattis, the world’s most overrated general. I asked for his letter of resignation and felt good about it”.

“His nickname was ‘Chaos’, which I didn’t like, and changed it to ‘Mad Dog’,” he added.

Twitter later published what it calls a Moment, a summary of a news story that you can see when you press the platform’s search button. It has also been promoted within the What’s Happening box that appears on Twitter’s website.

The article says that “Mattis resigned from the position… after the administration decided to withdraw US troops from Syria”, and attributes the fact to a report by the Associated Press news agency.

It then refers to journalists at CNN, National Review, Washington Post and The Dispatch as having written that the nickname ‘Mad Dog’ had been used before Trump’s presidency, with published references dating back to 2004.

Moments are curated by an internal team at Twitter. They provide a summary of a recent development before presenting some related tweets.

This is not the first time the tool has been used to call out Donald Trump.

In March 2019, it said the president had misidentified a co-founder of Greenpeace, and in April 2020 it said he had falsely claimed he could force states to reopen during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Donald Trump would not let it go.

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