Trump interrupted and told there’s a White House shooting

White House

US President Donald Trump was beginning a White House media briefing on the coronavirus pandemic when he was interrupted mid-sentence by a US Secret Service Agent.

The US Secret Service agent walked up to the podium who whispered in his ear.

Donald Trump was heard to say “Oh!” and “What’s happening?”, as he left the briefing room during Monday’s incident.

The US President returned minutes later, saying there was a “shooting” outside the White House that was “under control”.

“There was an actual shooting and somebody’s been taken to the hospital,” Trump said.

Trump said the shots were fired by law enforcement, saying he believed the individual who was shot was armed.

“It was the suspect who was shot,” Trump said.

Trump said he was escorted to the Oval Office outside the briefing room by the agent. Also led out of the news conference were Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Office of Management and Budget Director Russ Vought. The White House was placed on lockdown following the incident.

The shooting took place near 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue just blocks from the White House, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation who were not authorised to speak publicly about it, The Associated Press reported. Law enforcement officials were still trying to determine the suspect’s motive.

The suspect was transferred to a local hospital, and the District of Columbia fire department said the man suffered serious or possibly critical injuries. Authorities were investigating whether the individual has a history of mental illness.

Trump praised the work of Secret Service personnel for their work in keeping him safe. Asked if he was shaken by the incident, Trump asked reporters: “I don’t know. Do I seem rattled?”

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