Bern-out! Joe Biden firming as Trump’s presidential opponent


Joe Biden’s momentum to be the Democrats’ presidential nominee in the November election is gathering unstoppable pace as the 77-year-old swept to victory in Michigan’s pivotal primary contest with additional wins in Missouri and Mississippi.

The primary wins for the former vice president dealt a serious blow to rival Bernie Sanders and substantially widened Biden’s path to the nomination. It also proves Donald Trump‘s fear of Joe Biden was real.

Joe Biden again showed strength with working-class voters and African Americans, who are vital to winning the Democratic nomination, AP News reported. Sanders’ hopes rest on Idaho, North Dakota and Washington state, where votes were still being tabulated but where far fewer delegates were at stake.

Tuesday marked the first time voters weighed in on the primary since it effectively narrowed to a two-person race between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. And the first three large states easily went to Biden, a dramatic reversal for a campaign that appeared on the brink of collapse just two weeks ago. Now it is Sanders, whose candidacy was ascendant so recently, who must seek a path forward.

Saying America needs a president who “believes in empathy and compassion and respect for everyone,” rather than one bent on divisiveness, Joe Biden sounded a measured tone as he addressed supporters in Philadelphia late Tuesday, Fox News reported.

“To all those who are knocked down, to all those who have been counted out, left behind – this is your campaign,” Joe Biden said, his remarks frequently looking ahead to November’s general election. “Just a few weeks ago, many of the pundits had declared this candidacy dead. Now we’re very much alive.”

Joe Biden, in his remarks, even seemed to extend a hand to Sanders supporters, thanking the candidate and his voters for their “tireless energy and their passion”.

“This campaign is taking off, and I believe we’re gonna do well from this point on,” Biden said, adding that he wouldn’t take “anything for granted”.

“Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policies made America alone,” Biden said, citing the US withdrawal from an international climate change agreement. “Four more years (of Trump) would forever and fundamentally change the character of this nation. We can’t let that happen.”

Sanders’ campaign said he would not speak publicly at all on Tuesday night, which will be the first time the candidate has declined to address supporters in the aftermath of a primary vote this campaign season. It was in Michigan four years ago, that Sanders upset Hillary Clinton. His loss would be particularly sobering. It undermined his argument that he could appeal to working-class voters and that he could expand the electorate with new young voters.

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