Dates set for televised Trump impeachment hearings

"We are getting an increasing appreciation for just what took place during the course of the last year - and the degree to which the president enlisted whole departments of government in the illicit aim to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent."

India ruins hope of world’s largest trade deal

The free trade pact, which is expected to be finalised in 12 months, is seen as a move to protect the countries in East Asia from slowing global trade and to help China which has been hit by rising tariffs and trade wars with the US.

Dr Jemilah Mahmood awarded 2019 ASEAN Prize

Dr Jemilah Mahmoon, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, founded MERCY Malaysia in 1999 when she discovered there was no organisation that could sponsor her to volunteer her medical services during the Kosovo war.

Argentina’s new President Alberto Fernández has a tough job

More than a third of Argentina's 44 million people are living in poverty and the situation is getting worse. Unemployment is more than 10% - the highest in 13 years - and thousands of small businesses have shut whilst inflation is expected to hit 55% by the start of 2020

Boris Johnson delusional or a man of his word?

Johnson's Ministers have publicly said they have the numbers for the bill to be passed and for the UK to finally break free of the European Union, something the UK population voted for in a national referendum in June 2016.