Trump breaks own Presidential record of daily tweets

The vast majority of his 124 Twitter postings to his more than 71 million followers were retweets of messages, videos and images from Republican lawmakers and other backers haranguing Democrats over the impeachment trial

Brexit: UK quits European Union on 31 January

The ease and silence with which the Brexit bill was passed was breathtaking when you take into account the political rancour, double-dealing and dirty crossing that cost Theresa May her position as Prime Minister and caused the biggest upheaval of the UK political landscape.

Democrats deliver articles of impeachment for Trump trial

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell will try and ensure that the Republicans vote together and use their majority to ban new witness evidence and have the impeachment charges go straight to a Senate acquittal. If four Republicans break rank, then it is likely the Republicans will seek witnesses in addition to the Democrats.

Why Iran failed to maim US troops despite rhetoric

US President Donald Trump knew that the 16 ballistic missiles fired from three sites never hit their intended targets - the US and Coalition troops had moved out as they had been warned hours in advance.