“The traditional congressional oversight process isn't working,” says Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

By Trump 'moving toward impeachment'

Posted on May 27, 2019

Moves to impeach US President Donald Trump are getting closer, according to Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

She told NBC’s Meet the Press that more Democrats are “moving toward” a consensus on the impeachment of Trump.

“It is moving towards that. It’s going to demand that. It already is,” she said.

“We can’t be able to do our jobs if we don’t hold him accountable.

“This is not about the 2020 election. It’s about doing what’s right now for our country.

“This is going to be a precedent that we set when we don’t hold this president accountable to the rule of the law and to the United States Constitution.”

The Michigan Democrat has been one of the most vocal advocates for impeaching Trump. After she took the oath of office in January, she vowed Democratic House leadership will impeach ‘motherf***er’ – a reference to Trump.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried to hold back that view among her Democratic lawmakers.

Tlaib countered a major argument from Pelosi, who has told her party to let the six House committees investigating Trump’s businesses, tax returns, administration and actions in the 2016 election finish their work first.

But Tlaib argued the traditional method of congressional oversight – subpoenas and committee hearings – isn’t working.

“The traditional congressional oversight process isn’t working,” she said.

Trump has fought off subpoenas for his business records, his taxes, and for his administration officials – both current and former – to testify. Although two court decision last week came down in favour of Democrats. Trump is expected to appeal.

A federal judge in New York last Wednesday refused to block subpoenas from House Democrats for Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One. Earlier in the week a judge in Washington D.C. ruled Trump’s former accounting firm Mazars would have to comply with a subpoena from Democrats.

Matters came to a head for Democrats last week when former White House counsel Don McGahn, at the White House’s request, refused to comply with a subpoena for his testimony on Capitol Hill about the Russia investigation and his testimony outlined in Robert Mueller’s report.

His move infuriated Democrats and led Pelosi to call for a special party meeting to stamp down on the impeachment talk.

While she has held off the impeachment calls – for now – a subsequent war of words between her and Trump saw relations between the executive branch and legislative branch hit a new low.

Trump is in Tokyo where he pressed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to even out a trade imbalance with the United States and expressed confidence, despite Japanese wariness, that “good things” would come from North Korea, Reuters reported.

Trump is on a four-day state visit to Japan meant to showcase the alliance between the two nations, but it has been overshadowed by trade tensions.

Trump explicitly linked trade and security, a connection that disturbs Tokyo, whose alliance with Washington stands at the core of its defence policies.