Retail Zoo CEO Janine Allis on Survivor: “Failure not an option”

Janine Allis, Boost Juice and Retail Zoo founder and CEO at Retail Zoo, Salsa’s Fresh Mex, Cibo Espresso and Betty’s Burgers, is starring in the new series of Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders, which starts on Channel 10 tonight.

“I used problem-solving, I used influencing – because obviously the biggest skill you can have in business and in Survivor is to influence people to join you on a goal,” she told 10daily adding that “loyalty” and “manipulation” were also useful to her.

“You kind of use every skill you do in business and in life in the game,” she said.

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Allis, the mother of four children, is part of the Champions team that also includes Olympian and politician Nova Peris, Olympian Steven Bradbury, marathon swimmer Susie Maroney, NRL legend Andrew Ettingshausen, AFL player Simon Black, big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones, AFLW player Abbey Holmes, memory champion Anastasia Woolmer, model David Genat, actor Pia Miranda, and former contestant Luke Tovi.

“I was surprised by how much it didn’t bother me sleeping on the dirt and being in the elements,” Allis said, adding that she was impressed that “even though the challenges scared (her)”, she “actually managed to do them” and didn’t embarrass herself in the process.

“I’m not one that finds things hard – I find things a challenge that I overcome,” she said, before adding there were things she disliked.

“There wasn’t much fun at 3 o’clock in the morning when a massive storm came in,” she said, adding that “being freezing and not having warm clothes to get into” was hard.

“One thing I don’t like is being cold, but you know, you suck it up and you do it,” she said. “I think the attitude of just getting on with it was actually pretty much what I took into it.”

Allis has been a judge at The CEO Magazine‘s Executive of the Year Awards and has been a Shark Tank mentor/investor for four seasons. The businesswoman built a retail operation that now spans 15 countries and more than 630 outlets selling juices, coffee, burgers and Mexican food.

She told 10daily why she agreed to be a contestant on Australian Survivor.

“You get up, your alarm goes, you go for a walk maybe, you go to work and then the same day happens the next day,” she said, “so sometimes in life you’ve gotta go ‘actually let’s do something completely different’ and scare yourself.”

Australian Survivor 2019
The Champions and Contenders for Australian Survivor 2019 which begins on Channel 10 tonight.

Allis‘ Champions are taking on the Contenders who are former AFL player Shaun Hampson, marketing executive Andy Meldrum, student Baden Gilbert, educator Casey Hawkins, police officer Hannah Pentreath, ice-cream maker Harry Hills, gold miner John Eastoe, high school teacher and professional wrestler Matty Farrelly, digital marketing executive Laura Choong, VIP gaming manager Sam Schoers and Sarah Ayles, a survivor of the Sri Lankan Boxing Day tsunami.

Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders, Channel 10, Wednesday, 7.30pm

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