Air New Zealand is experimenting with edible coffee cups

Air New Zealand introduces edible coffee cups

Air New Zealand is experimenting with the use of edible vanilla-flavoured biscotti coffee cups in attempts to cut down on waste during flights.

The innovative airline has partnered with Twiice, a family-run New Zealand founded business, to fight the battle against single-use plastics.

Being served in the air and on the ground, the leakproof sustainable cups double as an after-coffee treat.

“The twiice cup is the perfect choice for your morning beverage or late-night dessert,” the Twiice website states. “It’s no waste and no dishes. It’s better living and better dining.

“We’re proud to be part of pioneering a new way forward for the environmentally-friendly cup and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

The cups being rolled out on Air New Zealand’s flights are created to withstand the heat of coffee without melting or leaking, making for a delectable snack at the end.

While the edible cups are only available in vanilla, because it’s the most versatile flavour, there are plans for Twiice to introduce chocolate-lined edible cups.

Air New Zealand’s edible cup move is expected to display an incredible number of single-use coffee cups as it serves 8 million cups of coffee on board annually, according to CNN.

The edible Twiice cups will replace the airline’s current compostable cups during the trial.

In the company’s 2019 sustainability report, it claims 29 million plastic recyclable cups and 15.5 million compostable coffee cups and lids has been eliminated from the airline’s waste stream or replaced by lower-impact alternatives.

The plant-based cups are expected to prevent about 15 million coffee cups from entering landfill annually.

Air New Zealand Head of Sustainability Lisa Danielle said the company had set some “ambitious targets” but they’re “making great strides against their goals”.

“This includes… reducing plastic by nearly 55 million items across our network,” Danielle explains.

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