According to a new study by online newsletter The Hustle, drunken online shopping is on the rise, with 79% of those who consume alcohol reporting that they had made at least one purchase while inebriated.

By Daniel Herborn

Posted on March 25, 2019

More than 2,000 Americans participated in the survey and they reported an average annual spend of US$444 on shopping while inebriated.

Clothes and shoes were the most common drunken purchases and Amazon was the online retailer the shoppers most often turned to.

Millennials more likely to engage in drunk online shopping

Women reported that were slightly more likely than men to order items online while drunk. 80% of women and 78% of men had made drunken purchases.

Drunken shopping also skewed young as a phenomenon with millennials 13% more likely to make inebriated purchases than their baby boomer counterparts.

85% of survey respondents said drunkenness made them more likely to engage in impulse shopping.

Amazon was easily the online retail platform of choice for survey respondents, with 85% of drunken shoppers having made purchases there, ahead of eBay (21%) and Etsy (12%).

Figures released this week show Amazon is also very much dominant in the overall e-commerce market with 74% of shoppers going straight to the site when they have decided to make a purchase.

The online retail giant’s easy to use shopping interface may also make it an easy choice for tipsy shoppers.

Drunken internet shopping on the rise

The Hustle‘s findings were broadly similar to an earlier study that also found that drunken shopping was on the rise. A survey by personal finance website Finder found that 26% of people had made at least one boozed up online purchase. It found that drunken shopping had increased 9% on the previous year.

If these findings were representative of the US as a whole, then more than 53 million shoppers made drunken purchases averaging US$736. The total spent on drunken shopping per this study was around US$39 billion.

As with The Hustle‘s survey, men outspent women and millennials (who spent an average of US$1,047 online while drunk) were spending more in a drunken haze than baby boomers ($466) and members of Generation X (US$469).