US Presidential hopeful raises US$25 million in three months

You can expect to hear a lot more of Pete Buttigieg.

The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is campaigning for the 2020 Democratic nomination to oppose the Republican US President Donald Trump.

Buttigieg announced that his campaign had raised nearly US$25 million in the second quarter. His campaign raised US$7 million in the first quarter, an amount viewed as very respectable at the time, considering that approximately half of the surveyed voters had never even heard of Buttigieg, Heavy reported.

Buttigieg was the first White House contender to announce his fundraising numbers for the quarter, which the Federal Election Commission ended at midnight. The US$24.8m sum topped the US$18m raised last quarter by Bernie Sanders, who led the Democratic field in fundraising during that period.

Pete_Buttigieg. Photo: Gage_Skidmore

Buttigieg’s haul amounts to a show of force at a critical juncture in the race, The Guardian reported, where fundraising figures and the number of people giving to a campaign are not just indicators of viability but criteria for qualifying for the debate stage in September.

Senior Advisor and Chief Communications Officer for Buttigieg’s campaign, Lis Smith explained that the second quarter total was the result of funding from 294,000 donors, with 230,000 of them new donors. The rest contributed in the first quarter.

A national Quinnipiac poll released on May 21 found that 51% of Democratic voters did not know enough about Pete Buttigieg to form an opinion of him. Now, a Morning Consult survey released on June 30 shows that only 26% surveyed had never heard of him.

Buttigieg’s figures show that he has earned his spot in the September debates. The only other Democrat hopefuls that will participate in the September debates are former Vice-President Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and California Senator Kamala Harris.

In an email to supporters, Buttigieg’s Campaign Manager Mike Schmuhl called the total “amazing”, adding: “This fundraising report shows that Pete’s message is resonating with Americans, and it’s proof that we are building an organisation that can compete,” reported The Financial Times.

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