The UK’s new Prime Minister is full of surprising facts.

Boris Johnson may have only been the Prime Minister of the UK for two days, but he’s already stirring the pot with his unconventional lifestyle.

Dubbed Britain’s very own Donald Trump, Johnson has thrown the nation into the global spotlight, often for his controversial actions and opinions.

Here are 5 surprising things you may not know about the newly appointed Prime Minister, who replaced Theresa May on 24 July 2019.

  1. Johnson’s girlfriend is much younger

  2. While it is unknown whether Carrie Symonds will take on official ‘First Girlfriend’ duties or even move into number 10 Downing Street with her beau, we do know Symonds is roughly 24 years his junior.

  3. The British PM dated his staffer

  4. Symonds used to work for Johnson before entering a romantic relationship with him. The young woman was the Director of Communications at the Conservative party until August 2018, but reportedly resigned once the relationship was leaked to media.

  5. Boris isn’t his real name

  6. Although he’s known as Boris Johnson, the 55-year-old was born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in New York, US.

  7. He has two ex-wives

  8. The US national has been divorced twice; once to Allegra Mostyn-Owen (they were married between 1987 and 1993) and to his childhood friend Marina Wheeler (their marriage lasted from 1993 to 2018).

  9. Johnson has a large family

  10. The UK’s newest Prime Minister has five children (four to his former wife and one to a mistress) and is the eldest of four.

  11. Johnson was sacked as a journalist

  12. In late 1987, Johnson began working as a graduate trainee at The Times . However, he was fired after the editor discovered he fabricated a quote. Johnson also worked at The Daily Telegraph where his colleagues were sceptical of his stories as they believed many were ‘fake journalism’.

    His journalism career spanned two decades and included work as a political columnist, car columnist for GQ and television guest appearances on shows including Top Gear and Question Time.