Aston Martin’s first motorcycle will cost you US$120,000

Crossover projects are fast becoming a trend amongst automakers. Honda have long had their private jet, Lexus recently created a luxury yacht and now Aston Martin can lay claim to their own motorcycle. A $US120,000 motorcycle that isn’t allowed on public roads to be exact.

Unveiled at this year’s Milan Motorcycle Show, the limited production Aston Martin AMB 001 is the result of a collaborative project between the sports car maker and English bike maker, Brough Superior Motorcycles.

What will strike riders and collectors alike is the bike’s wild retro-futuristic design that sees the omission of a conventional front cowling, headlights, indicators or anything else one would normally find on a road bike. The bike instead wears some of the most elaborate carbon fibre bodywork designed to maximise aero efficiency on the racetrack. Naturally, this is a racetrack-only bike that’s been crafted as a weekend toy for the affluent. Or a static in-house art piece if you’re that breed of Aston Martin aficionado.

“This is what we believe a cutting-edge motorcycle should be and we are very proud to see the Aston Martin wings on a motorcycle for the first time,” said Aston Martin Executive Vice President, Marek Reichman.

“In addition to applying the skills we have developed for cars such as the groundbreaking Aston Martin Valkyrie we have also been able to bring our special expertise in the traditional craft techniques to this project. The finished product is a truly beautiful motorcycle; a design and engineering work of art.”

On the technical front, the AMB 001 is equipped with double-wishbone front forks to ensure handling prowess at speed while weight is kept to a minimum via a selection of exotic materials like carbon fibre bodywork paired to a titanium and billet aluminium frame.

Design-wise the bike’s striking lines are derived from Aston Martin’s current fleet of supercars with additions like signature fins on the nose borrowed directly from their upcoming US$3.2 million Valkyrie hypercar. The bike is draped in Aston Martin’s iconic racing colours of Stirling green and lime essence paired to matte black wheels and the aforementioned exposed carbon fibre.

The retro aspect comes in the form of a hand-stitched saddle made from Oxford tan leather. Under the skin lies a V-twin turbocharged engine which delivers 180hp to a bike that has a dry weight of just 180kg. That insane power-to-weight ratio should ensure some truly exhilarating performance from the AMB 001 on the curvy black top.

“Aston Martin may be 106-years-old but the forward momentum of this company is inspiring, for every area of the business but for design in particular,” explains Reichman.

“The same people who work on the design of our cars have worked on the AMB 001. These people are absolute experts and have delivered many of the special project cars that we have designed. Unlike at other car companies, our designers have the full breadth of experience and I think this is showcased in this aspirational bike.”

Those keen will need to move quickly as the Brough Superior plant in Toulouse, France will only be crafting 100 examples with a starting price of 108,000 euros. You can lock yours in here.

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