Couples looking to get hitched in Sin City this Valentine's Day can get their licences at the baggage collection area next to a 24-hour flower vending machine and bottle shop.

By Joe McDonough

Posted on February 14, 2018

Las Vegas, the quickie wedding hotspot of the world, the place impulsive lovebirds elope to for the kitschy ceremony officiated by Elvis Presley, has just taken it to a whole new level.

Sin City’s major airport, McCarran International, has introduced a pop-up marriage licence bureau by a baggage belt in time for Valentine’s Day.

The booth, ideally located adjacent 24-hour flower vending machines and a liquor store, will not legally wed the couple, but it will go a long way towards doing so, as it sorts out the pre-application and licence.

In other words, they’ll still have to find ‘The King’ to make it all legitimate. But it certainly beats a detour to the county clerk’s office, according to one couple tying the knot via this less-than-conventional means.

“I’m really excited that they actually did this, because it’s a lot more stress having to come through the airport, then get to the county clerk’s office, wait in line,” Texan Stefanie, who was marrying partner Kisha, told the Daily Nation.

“So this was really painless and really quick. So, very convenient.”

It is understood the $77 licenses are accepted by all of Vegas’s famous venues, including the Cannabis Chapel, Elvis Chapel, Chapel in the Clouds and the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

The Terminal 1 baggage claim area will be a hive of activity until it is taken down on February 18.

The wedding industry contributes more than $2 billion annually to the local economy and Clark County reportedly issues about 80,000 licences a year — more than any other office in the US.

Around 1,500 of those are issued for Valentine’s Day, which is approximately double the rate for a normal day.

Love-in at major airports

Airports around the globe have long made an effort to provide a touch of romance to their customers on Valentine’s Day.

According to CNBC, Heathrow International Airport will offer live music, free heart-shaped candies, Polaroid photo stations, complimentary caricature sketches, and a make-your-own Valentine’s Day card set-up.

And even more impressively, England’s East Midlands Airport has been offering secret codes to travellers who’d like their bags inspected out of their companion’s line of sight, to avoid a premature engagement ring reveal.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport will have a kissing booth (distributing chocolate kisses) and miniature therapy horses decked out in Valentine’s Day attire available for hugs.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will be holding its fourth ‘We Love Our Guests Campaign’, including key rings, teddy bears, photo booths and love-themed music blaring over the speakers.

Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale International Airport will celebrate the day with live entertainment, face painting, and complimentary sweets.

And a host of others have committed to card stations and candy hand-outs.