COVID-19: Why social distancing, mask wearing is vital

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A mother has spoken about the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing after her five-month-old baby girl caught COVID-19.

“This week has been one of the scariest times of my life! Josh unintentionally had close contact with someone who tested positive to corona at his work and as a result of this Stevie, our almost six month old daughter tested POSITIVE to COVID-19 on Tuesday,” wrote Nikki Jane Boyle on Facebook.

“She has spent the past two nights in emergency and the Pediatrics ward at Casey Hospital (in Berwick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). Stevie was the very first positive COVID -19 case in the Pediatrics ward that Casey have dealt with and the staff there were AMAZING! Although she is home, safe now in her own bed, we are not out of the woods yet. She still needs to be closely monitored over the next few days. Not only was it emotionally challenging to see my little girl so unwell, or be apart from my son Cameron who is too young to understand what was happening, it was really mentally challenging to be isolated in quarantine at the hospital by myself. It was also one of the hardest things to see the look on Josh’s face when he could not be by his daughter’s side to protect or comfort her while he said goodbye to her and watched the ambulance drive away.

“This shit is real people and it’s really hard. Thank you to the outstanding care from the paramedics, the amazing nurses, doctors and admin staff at Casey Hospital and to our families who have really supported us through this ridiculously tough time. You know who you are and we appreciate you more than we could ever say!

“Please do the right thing so this doesn’t happen to someone else!”

In metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire, people must wear a mask when leaving home unless they are aged 12 or under, alone in the car or with someone from their household, doing strenuous physical exercise or for a medical reason.

The situation is so critical that Australian Defence Force troops are being used to contact positive coronavirus cases after it was revealed a quarter of cases were unable to be contacted within 24 hours of testing positive. Six people died and 300 new cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours.

In the US, reported infections have been increasing daily since the middle of last month. The number of people dying have been rising over the past fortnight.

US President Donald Trump also reversed his position on wearing a face mask.

“Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact, they’ll have an effect — and we need everything we can get,” said Trump at a news briefing.

Please adhere to the advice given about the coronavirus pandemic by your elected leaders.

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