Christmas comes early: Deer on streets of Sydney

two deers, deers

Two deer have been seen running along streets near the centre of Sydney, Australia.

New South Wales Police were contacted on Tuesday about 6.30am by callers saying the deer were running through the streets of Balmain, Leichhardt and Annandale, in the inner west of Sydney, the most populous city in Australia.

The RSPCA headed to a property at Annandale where one deer was believed to have been cornered in the backyard.

“Oh dear!” a local wrote on Facebook.

“There are two deer running around Leichhardt.

“Walking the dog this morning, I saw them running down Mackenzie Street.

“Thought I was imagining it but ran into another dog walker who saw them too. I’ve advised the police.”

A resident of Leichhardt said she noticed her cats were “freaking out” and when she went to see what was happening outside she found one of the deer stuck in her unit complex.

“Managed to coax it out the gate as it was really distressed, kept running into the walls and fence,” she wrote.

New South Wales Police had no idea where the deer came from.

But police said there is “no truth to the rumours the deers answered to Comet or Vixen”.

“Lol and I thought I was organised for Christmas decorations,” one Facebook user wrote.

Others are just relieved they aren’t mad.

“Oh my goodness I saw them on the way to the gym this morning, I did a double-take, thought I was going crazy,” one wrote.

Another Facebook user had a different view.

“Nature is healing itself! We have taken over too much!”

Deer are a feral pest in Australia. They were introduced into Australia from Europe in the 19th century as game animals.

However, deer have become a major emerging pest problem, causing damage both to the natural environment and agricultural businesses. Populations are expanding and deer are invading new areas, the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment states.

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