US President Donald Trump is a divisive person but loved by many. In fact, he is just pure ecstasy to some people who have been swallowing his head in form of tablets containing a fair amount of MDMA.

By Donald Trump's just ecstasy to some people

Posted on August 20, 2019

US President Donald Trump has been called a racist, a ****ing idiot by a Democrat and has a disapproval rating of 56 per cent in the most recent Fox News poll, but to some he is just ecstasy.

I am not writing about his fervent supporters love for the 73-year-old Trump but the fact his orange-coloured or pink-coloured face is now appearing on ecstasy tablets in the US and in many parts of Europe.

Clearwater Police Department in Florida, investigating a drug overdose, went to 23-year-old Brendan Dolan-King’s apartment in Clearwater and allegedly found in the air vent the opioid fentanyl and “five orange tablets in the shape of Donald Trump’s head marked Trump NL.”.

The Trump MDMA pills appear similar to Trump ecstasy tablets that have been manufactured in Europe and have prompted “high dose” safety warnings due to their elevated level of MDMA.

"Iran has made a very big mistake," US President Donald J Trump tweeted.

Dolan-King, born in Long Island, New York City, is serving an 18-month felony probation sentence after being convicted last year on cocaine and pot possession charges. He was also convicted earlier last year of possessing cocaine, liquid THC, and MDMA.

When collared last February, Dolan-King was not carrying Trump Ecstasy pills. Instead, he had five MDMA doses in the shape of Darth Vader, another iconic villain from the dark side.

The European Trump pills, available in orange and pink, are laced with a potentially deadly 220mg of MDMA and said to be manufactured in The Netherlands.

Trump has sought to roll back prescription drug prices and force pharmaceutical companies to be transparent in their pricing.

That, of course, has nothing to do with the 45th US President’s head on an illegal narcotic.