Police believe the 19 packets of cocaine would have a street value of approximately NZ$3 million.

By Ian Horswill

Posted on August 8, 2019

Beaches often are hit with debris from fallen trees and human pollution, but police were shocked when they received a call about what washed up on a beach in Auckland, New Zealand – packs of cocaine.

“Yesterday evening Police were called after a number of packages had washed up on Bethells Beach. Police attended and located approximately 19 packages which testing has confirmed contained cocaine,” New Zealand Police said in a Facebook post this morning (local time).

“It is believed the amount found would have a street value of approximately NZ$3 (US$1.9 million) million dollars.”

Bethells Beach is a stunning beach in West Auckland, known for its secluded caves and great surf.


“Police with the assistance of New Zealand Customs Service have conducted a thorough search of the beach and surrounding areas in an effort to locate any further packages. There is a small possibility that further packages may turn up on the beach and we ask any members of the public to contact us immediately if they do,” New Zealand Police continued.

“Eagle helicopter will be in the area today conducting a search of the wider area and we will be sending regular patrols in the coming days to continue to check for further washed up items.

“Our enquiries are ongoing to identify where these drugs have come from.”

Detective Inspector Colin Parmenter told NZ Stuff that police had found about 19 packages containing cocaine so far.

New Zealand was ranked as the most expensive country to buy cocaine in the 2019 Global Drug Survey. The survey found Kiwis were paying on average, NZ$375 for a gram — almost four times the amount Americans pay.

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