Sperm whale had horrific 100kg ball of rubbish in stomach

"In this whale’s stomach was approximately 100kg of marine debris - a whole range of plastic including sections of net, bundles of rope, plastic cups, bags, gloves, packing straps and tubing...it looked like it had been there for some time."

Marshall Islands in fight to the death

The Marshall Islands is one of four atoll nations - the other three being the Maldives, Kiribati and Tuvalu - identified as being most at risk of extinction due to the rising sea level caused by ice melting

Greenhouse gases hit new all-time high

The increases in the key gases measured in 2018 were all above the average for the last decade, showing any perceived action on the climate emergency to date is having no effect in the atmosphere.

It’s Sydney, not India’s Kolkata

The NSW Rural Fire Service has issued a stern warning for most of the state, urging those with respiratory conditions such as asthma to stay inside where possible, use reliever medication and seek medical help if needed.