Sydney in Australia receives most rain in 30 years

The Gospers Mountain fire, near the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, was 512,626 hectares in size. The area larger than Long Island and Manhattan in New York City combined had been burning but has since been put out by the heavy rain.

World’s biggest iceberg heading towards ocean

The iceberg, with an area 6,000 sq km, broke free from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica in July 2017 and is now nearing the Southern Ocean. It is largely intact but the ocean's rougher waters will likely break it up.

Air pollution impacts can be heart-stopping

“We analysed almost a quarter of a million cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests and found a clear link with acute air pollution levels," said Professor Kazuaki Negishi

Germany to end coal-fired power by 2038 or earlier

Germany has reached agreement to provide €4.35 billion for utilities, such as the RWE power plant company, which will close some of their coal plants early. In addition, government institutions and military installations will be moved to the affected regions in an effort to create local jobs and revenues