With April Fool’s Day just behind us, we look at some of the best hoaxes from well-known companies.

By Oliver Featherston

Posted on April 3, 2018

Every year, April Fool’s Day brings us a host of amusing fake products, announcements and ads from big brands. Here are just a few of this year’s honourable mentions.

Google Maps helps you find Wally

Every year, Google releases a host of joke apps and products. For 2018, one of those was a Where’s Wally game hidden in your Google Maps app, with multiple levels.

Other announcements included Google Australia rebranding to Googz, Google Japan introducing a physical handwriting version of the GBoard virtual keyboard, and a Google Cloud Hummus API.

Amazon’s new and improved deliveries

This April Fool’s Day, Amazon Publishing upped the delivery game, with a new feature accompanying book deliveries.

Users could request the book’s author to make a special appearance at their house, as demonstrated by crime writer Patricia Cornwell.

Lexus and 23andMe’s genetically-matched car

Lexus and genetic-testing service 23andMe teamed up to offer the future of personalised cars. A slick-looking ad promised to take a customer’s DNA sample, analyse their genetic profile, and create a perfectly customised car.

All the customer would need to do is spit in a tube, and the new car would have tailored lights, seats, controls and more. Even better, the genetically-matched Lexus didn’t require a key; no, all you needed to do was lick the wheel to start it up.

eHarmony for dogs

Humans need companionship – that’s why we have dating apps. But dogs are social creatures too, so why aren’t there dating apps for them?

Well, look no further; eHarmony released an ad for their new Furever Love feature.

The ad encouraged users to create a profile for their dog, assuring them that the eHarmony team is working to find their pet a healthy, long-term relationship.

What’s more, eHarmony’s researchers apparently pinpointed what makes for a strong canine relationship; inability to share toys, for example, is a major turn-off.

Lego’s VacuSort

As fun as Lego is (for all ages), it can be irritating to clean up and sort. Lego, ever the innovator, released an ad for a new product to address this issue. The VacuSort promises to suck up all your stray Lego, and sort not only by shape but by colour as well, really taking the pain out of clean-up.

Unfortunately, the company is yet to solve the problem of stepping on a Lego block barefoot.

IKEA’s SKÄMT collection

We all love our phones and tablets. After all, we spend most of our waking lives staring at them.

Of course, when you’re eating, walking the dog or in the bathroom, it can be tricky to keep on texting. But should we give up our devices for those brief moments?

Of course not! Luckily, IKEA introduced a line of products that bring the company’s ingenuity in line with our love of technology.

The range included a dog collar with a selfie stick, rearview mirrors for your laptop and a tablet holder to mount on your toilet.