Terrorist group Islamic State has reportedly claimed responsibility for the horrific attack on Kabul.

By Joe McDonough

Posted on April 23, 2018

The people of Afghanistan are in mourning after a terror attack wreaked devastation in Kabul on Sunday morning.

A suicide bomber, understood to have acted on behalf of Islamic State, carried out the attack at a voter registration centre in the Dasht-e Barchi region of the capital.

At least 57 people have been killed, according to reports, and more than 100 injured, in the worst attack since 100 lives were lost in an ambulance bombing in a crowded Kabul street in January.

Eight children and 21 women are among the dead, with the count expected to rise.

“I found myself covered in blood, with dead people – women and children – around me,” 26-year-old Rasuli told AFP from hospital.

I found myself covered in blood, with dead people – women and children – around me.

“They all wanted to vote,” he added.

Officials were issuing identity cards ahead of the elections in October when the terrorist approached on foot and detonated, according to Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danesh.

Acting US Secretary of State John Sullivan said the attack exposed “the savagery and inhumanity of terrorists”, and Tadamichi Yamamoto, the senior United Nations official in Afghanistan, said IS’s aim was “to deter Afghan citizens from carrying out their constitutional right to take part in elections”.

UN records show 750 people have died in suicide attacks or bombings from January to March.

And there have already been four attacks in the past week across the 7,000 centres set up throughout Afghanistan.

“They should be keeping the country safe, if they can’t, someone else should be in their place,” said Sajeda, who was wounded while queuing up for her card.

President Ashraf Ghani said it “cannot divert us from our aims or weaken this national democratic process”.