Two athletic shoe companies defying footwear trend

"Slippers sales doubled compared to last year and increased by 12% over March. While most of the growth was a result of price growth due to splurges on higher-priced slippers, the number of pairs sold also grew, as consumers outfitted themselves for comfort at home."

Fashion Nova to give away US$1,000 an hour

"People are struggling to pay rent, buy food, medicine and other essentials for themselves and their families. We all feel compassion and concern for those affected by the coronavirus," said Richard Saghian, founder and CEO of Fashion Nova

Apple App Store took US$1.42 billion in a week

Apple App Store customers spent a record US$1.42 billion between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Then, the App Store brought in a single-day sales record of US$386 million on New Year’s Day.