Get your motor running: Malaysian firm implements unique vehicle for staff retention

Healthcare corporation ITL Biomedical is taking an outside-the-box approach to staff retention.

The Malaysian firm provides extensive and specialised training to its employees, so it’s imperative that it then sees a return on investment by holding on to them over long periods.

Its answer is flashy new pink Yamaha scooters.

Up to 100 of them are being presented to its predominantly female workforce over the next 12 months, as part of an incentive program developed by the company’s executive chairman Bill Mobbs.

The initiative effectively locks-in employees for three years of continuous service, because that’s how long they need to stay in order to be granted full ownership of the vehicle.

“We train our staff extensively at ITL BioMedical, so keeping them with us for as long as possible is important,” Mobbs explains.

“We’re confident our scooter scheme will help us attract and retain our highly-skilled local workers for the longer term.”

In his presentation at the end of last year, Mobbs said the company’s focus on retention had been highly fruitful with many employees close to bringing up their 20-year milestones.

“I believe, basically, that this is a partnership that allows the company to grow… we’ve been doing this for a quite a period of time and the fact that we’ve got a lot of employees here that have now been with us for 15, 16, 17 years is testament to it,” he said.

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