Emily Ratajkowski has 25.44 million followers on Instagram, which is equivalent to the combined populations of New York, London, Los Angeles and Singapore.

By Ian Horswill

Posted on February 14, 2020

Emily Ratajkowski is a model and actor, who rose to worldwide prominence after appearing in the video for Robin Thicke’s number one song Blurred Lines, which also featured Pharrell Williams and TI.

She is an advocate for female sexual empowerment and has spoken out against body shaming. She has amassed a staggering 25.44 million followers on Instagram, which is equivalent to the combined populations of New York, London, Los Angeles and Singapore. But in reality, she has 25.44 million would-be shoppers. Add to that, Emily Ratajkowski has 5.8 million followers on Facebook and 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

In 2017, she launched a clothing company Inamorata by selling a polka-dot bikini on her Instagram page. Inamorata now has 85 swim, apparel, accessory and lingerie products. It’s self-funded, marketed almost exclusively through Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram, privately owned and has been profitable since launch, Forbes reported.

When Emily Ratajkowski wears a new fashion item on Instagram it sells out within 24 hours.

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“The thing that people don’t realise about being a model, an actor, and celebrity influencer, is that you see a ton of contracts. I became really good at doing deals. A lot of those deals were licensing deals, which means that I was lending my name and my creative direction to a brand and then getting a small percentage of the profits in addition to a flat fee. I’d get this nice cheque for this small percentage, and I started being like, “Okay, this is crazy, because that means they’re making that much more than me and I really helped with the sale of this,” Emily Ratajkowski told Forbes.

“Now it’s a pretty common understanding: building out your Instagram is building a brand. People weren’t thinking that way three years ago. And I was like, ‘I already had built a brand with Emrata, but now I want to change this into something where I’m not waiting to do collabs; I have my own products that I’m selling.'”

Emily Ratajkowski knows about her followers on Instagram and her fans.

“It’s everything, to be honest. We really are able to tailor our launches, categories and the general messaging of the brand to our followers and our customers,” she said.

“What’s great about having followers, and people signing up for our email is that we get a lot of data on those customers and their shopping tendencies. I have been running Emrata for quite a long time now and have a pretty good understanding of what my followers respond to. It’s about building that out. But what’s really fun about it is there’s no calendar — we’re not relying on anybody else, except our own information and our customer.”

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Emily Ratajkowski, who became the spokesperson for brands such as DKNY, The Frye Company, Kerastase, Paco Rabanne and DL1961, told Forbes that she is still happy to work for someone else under her terms.

“I really only want to work with brands that see me as a brand as well. My big thing with all my agents or my lawyer negotiating deals: the conversation needs to be not like, ‘Oh, we’ve hired this girl so we can take over her thing that she’s built and use her channel the way that we want.’ It needs to speak to my branding and my followers. A lot of brands still don’t understand that. So, the more that Inamorata grows, people are like, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s an actual business.’ But in my mind, I’ve always been running a business.”

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