Les Wexner out as Victoria’s Secret goes private

Lex Wexner has been forced to step down as part of a deal which sees New York-based private equity firm Sycamore Partners pay US$525 million for a controlling 55% stake in the business, taking it private

Elon Musk ensures Bill Gates never buys a Tesla

Bill Gates spoke about the advent of electric vehicles and said that the limited distance travelled between battery charges, the time taken to recharge the battery, and the "premium" cost of electric vehicles were all factors stopping people buying EVs

Jaguar Land Rover’s future direction

Delivered through relentless innovation, the company’s focus is on achieving a future of zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion through its products, services and across its facilities.

General Motors kill 160-years-old Australian brand Holden

“Holden will always have a special place in the development of our countries. As Australia and New Zealand grew, Holden was a part of the engine room fuelling that development,” said General Motors Holden Interim Chairman and Managing Director Kristian Aquilina.

‘Companies with female CEOs perform better’

“Companies in high technology industries and those with unique products that are scarce in the market tend to do better with female CEOs. Success in Research and Development is highly prized in these companies and female directors can shape innovation and sustainable growth strategies.”

Billionaire CEO issues challenge with US$5,000 tip

Jennifer Navaria ran out to try and find Ernie Boch Jr and point out the huge tip but he had driven off. "I was shaking. And it was, like, really unbelievable," she said. "It’s huge. You see this happening, but you would never think of it happening to you."

Kansas City Chief’s billionaire owner keeps his word

Clark Hunt hired Andy Reid as head coach in January 2013 and cleared the dead wood. He restructured the leadership so that for the first time in the club's history, the head coach, general manager and team president all reported directly to him