Musk takes Tesla Cybertruck for a spin in California

Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken the recently unveiled Cybertruck, which is not in production yet, for a weekend drive around California.

It is the first time that the Tesla Cybertruck has been seen on the road.

Elon Musk took the Cybertruck, which had a disastrous unveiling, to celebrity haven Nobu Malibu.

Musk was captured leaving the famous Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant in the Cybertruck after a dinner with 50-year-old actor and moviemaker Edward Norton on Saturday night (California time). Musk’s girlfriend Grimes, a musician, and a number of other women joined him as he drove off with two Tesla sedans in front and behind his EV pick-up truck styled on the movie Bladerunner. Nobu’s valets had decided to leave the Cybertruck out the front of the restaurant and it was snapped multiple times.

Musk then ran over a traffic bollard – whether he was able to see it is debatable – that appeared to direct drivers to turn right as he went left turn on his way out of the car park.

Given the size of the Cybertruck and its seeming purpose of insulating its drivers from the dangers of the dystopic future it looks designed to inhabit, it’s likely Musk didn’t notice or care about that, and he showed no signs of stopping to right the sign, reported.

Video taken outside the restaurant also showed the truck was fitted with a California number plate, so police could track Musk down for the apparent road direction violation if they really wanted to.

Elon Musk stands in front of the cracked window of his Cybertruck after a public destination of its invincibility failed.

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Due to its peculiar shape and size, the Tesla Cybertruck was spotted by many with smartphones.

The Cybertruck is not expected to go into production for around two years. Tesla states it is a “better truck than an F-150, faster than a Porsche 911”.

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