The country where 78% of business has growth confidence

Seventy-eight percentage of businesses in Brazil in South America have the highest level of confidence in their 2020 business growth prospects of 13 countries surveyed. This was followed by Australia and the United Arab Emirates (69%), the research found.

Medicinal cannabis pioneers honoured

“Through their spirit of generosity and their strong promotion of research excellence, Barry and Joy have truly changed the lives of thousands – if not millions – of people in Australia and around the world who suffer from conditions that may be alleviated by the use of safe and effective cannabinoid therapeutics.”

Odd problem with unlimited leave and unlimited sick pay

"I don't think you can judge someone's work output by the amount of leave they are taking. Someone who takes a lot of leave could be getting the same amount of work done as someone who's not," said Rocketwerkz CEO Dean Hall