Zero Motorcycles unveils its Gulfstream – the electric SR/S

Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles has unveiled its latest electric motorbike, the SR/S, which the Californian company likened to riding in a Gulfstream jet.

Zero Motorcycles’ CEO Sam Paschel pulled the cover off the two-wheeled EV, which is based on the platform of the company’s flagship electric motorbike SR/F, which was released last year.

Zero Motorcycles, SR/S

The difference between the SR/F and SR/S are visually evident. For the first time, Zero had added a full fairing to the motorbike, a complete set of body panels, whereas previously Zero had been known for its “naked” motorbikes.

The full fairing completely changes the motorbike’s appearance. Zero told The Verge that it had modelled the body work to make it more aerodynamic. In return, riders should see up to a 13% gain in range — an extra 26 miles (42km).

Abe Askenazi, Zero’s chief technology officer, told The Verge the goal with the SR/S was “not to extract the most range,” because otherwise the company would have ended up “with a bubble bike” that’s “gonna look weird.” Instead, Paschel said the company set out to create a motorcycle with a striking, sophisticated, and easily recognisable profile.

There is a slightly elevated riding position and added comfort on the SR/S compared to the SR/F. Zero has put the handlebars higher and lowered the foot pegs to allow riders a more upright stance than on most of Zero’s other bikes. The seat is also bigger. Zero said the suspension has been tuned to provide a smoother, more comfortable ride.

“We use the aircraft and aerospace metaphors a lot,” Paschel said. “The existing motorcycles in our line would be a more raw and visceral riding experience that’s tuned for really high performance … we think about it like piloting a fighter plane. By contrast, what you’re going to see in the SR/S is something that’s much more like a private jet, a Gulfstream.”

The SR/S has the same battery and drive-train, delivering similar statistics to the SR/F: a 124 mph top-speed, up to 200 miles (322 km) of range, 140 ft-lbs of torque and a charge-time of 60 minutes to 95%, Paschel told TechCrunch.

Zero Motorcycles, SR/F

The SR/S also replicates the digital system of the SR/F with a large digital screen, a companion smartphone app, and a level of connectivity that allows for over-the-air updates and real-time riding statistics.

It is pleasing to report that despite the full fairing, bigger seat and elevated riding position, Zero Motorcycles, which started manufacturing electric motorcycles in 2006, said that the SR/S will cost about the same as the SR/F when it goes on sale in March: US$19,995.

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