Look at the face: the all-new BMW 4 Series Coupé

BMW 4 Series

The all-new BMW 4 Series Coupé is the second generation of the sporty premium two-door model and it will arrive on the market in October.

BMW Group says the all-new BMW 4 Series Coupé has a striking front end which is considered one of BMW’s most polarising design changes in decades.

CNET writes “the one thing everyone’s going to get hung up on is the styling – specifically, that enormous grille”. The radical take on BMW’s “kidneys” may not be to everyone’s liking, but then neither is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting.

“The latest generation of the sporty two-door model for the premium midsize segment underscores its distinctive character profile with both a vehicle concept focused squarely on delivering dynamic driving pleasure and the clear differentiation of the coupé from the new BMW 3 Series,” BMW Group said in a press release.

BMW 4 Series

“Sales begin with five model variants; the BMW M440i xDrive Coupé (fuel consumption combined 7.1 – 6.8 l/100 km [39.8 – 41.5 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 163 – 155 g/km) makes its debut at the top of the range. The sporting flagship is powered by a 275 kW/374 hp six-cylinder in-line petrol engine. Range also includes two four-cylinder petrol engines and a four-cylinder diesel unit. Two six-cylinder in-line diesel engines will join the line-up in March 2021.

“The decision to buy a coupé reflects the desire for a powerfully engaging driving experience. And this keenly sports-focused breed of car has a long tradition at BMW. Cue the arrival of the latest in the line: the new BMW 4 Series Coupé is poised to bring a whole new level of dynamic potency and stylistic individuality to the premium midsize segment. The elegantly sporty two-door fuses dynamically flowing lines, a body honed to deliver agile handling, and bespoke chassis tuning.

“The new 4 Series Coupé connects standout looks and exceptional performance with undeniable authenticity,” state BMW Group.

The second generation BMW 4 Series is pitched as its mid-sized vehicle for drivers and has given it new engine technology, a stiffer chassis, and subtle dimension changes.

“Think of it as the 3 Series’ hunkered down, sportier sibling and you’re most of the way there. Plus, imagine an even squatter stance, larger wheels and angrier body work and you’re looking at the next M4, Which Car.

BMW 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series is 23mm wider than its sedan sibling, with a 57mm reduction in height lowering the centre of gravity by 21mm. The track front and rear has grown by at least 23mm, giving the BMW 4 Series better aerodynamics and a reduction in lift at the rear axle.

The flagship BMW 4 Series model is powered by a 275 kW/374 hp six-cylinder in-line petrol engine. The range also includes two four-cylinder petrol engines and a four-cylinder diesel unit.

“Standalone body design clearly differentiated from the new BMW 3 Series with clean surfacing, a striking front end and signature coupé proportions. Prominent, vertical BMW kidney grille follows the tradition of legendary BMW coupés and reflects the engine’s high cooling air requirement. Stretched side window graphic, powerfully sculpted shoulders and flowing roofline exude athleticism and sporting elegance,” BMW Group state.

The interior of the new BMW 4 Series has significantly enhanced acoustic and thermal comfort.

BMW 4 Series

“New interior design centred on sporty driving experience. Driver-focused cockpit design, new display grouping with up to 10.25-inch Control Display and optional, fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster. Control panel with high-quality design on the centre console, new sports leather steering wheel and newly developed sports seats as standard, knee pads on the centre console optional. Two seats in the rear with defined individual-seat character,” state BMW Group.

All BMW 4 Series models have a big-screen active navigation package, full-LED headlamps, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. They all have a reversing assistant.

The reversing assistant remembers how you steered into a parking space or garage, and twirls the steering to reverse you out on exactly the same path.

Pricing for the BMW 4 Series Coupé starts at US$46,595 including destination, with US$2,000 on top if you want xDrive. The M440i xDrive starts at US$59,495. In the UK, it’s £39,870 for the 420i, £53,875 for the M440i xDrive.

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