Musk on why Tesla Cybertruck windows smashed

Musk said the sledgehammer that bounced off the door had caused an unseen crack in the base of the glass, which had subsequently led to the windows smashing when they were hit with a steel ball.

Musk trying to deflect Tesla Cybertruck debut disaster

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted there were 146,000 orders for the new Cybertruck, its first pick up truck model which has now risen to 187,000 in a bid to try and deflect the embarrassment of the Los Angeles launch when a steel ball shattered the armoured unbreakable windows.

Tesla announces second factory outside the US

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess praised Elon Musk for showing that electric cars are capable of competing with vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Volkswagen has announced plans to invest €30 billion (US$33 billion) to electrify its entire product lineup over the next four years.