Sydney in Australia receives most rain in 30 years


Sydney, the biggest city in Australia, received the most rainfall in 30 years over the weekend when between 200mm and 300mm of rain fell from the skies.

Australia which has been devastated by bushfires and droughts is now largely covered in water after huge amounts of rain started falling from last Wednesday.

“We have seen some good falls on the western side of the divide as well … we have heard that it’s very welcome out that way,” said Jane Golding from the NSW Bureau of Meteorology.

“Some locations have seen upwards of 100mm over the past few days and more rain than they have seen in quite a few years, four or five years.

“I know that some farmers out that way are feeling pretty optimistic. But what we really need is follow up rain. The rainfall deficiency are so severe that the soil is dry to deep levels, so we really need that follow-up rain. We do look like we’ll get some pretty beefy thunderstorms out that way today and tomorrow, so that will deliver more rain, but it’s over the next month or so that we need that follow-up.

“It’s a good news story. We’re extinguishing fires.”

Golding said NSW can expect to see thunderstorms every day for the next week, and those storms will be accompanied by heavy localised rainfall.

The widespread and at-times torrential rain in southeast Queens­land and northeast NSW led to some once-in-a-century recordings and has offered hope of renewal in the nation’s parched food bowls, with some farmers expecting to plant crops or take on stock for the first time in years.

Bushfire-affected areas in the far east of Victoria are hopeful that the drenching rain will finally put an end to several massive bushfires that have been burning for over a month.

The Gospers Mountain mega-fire, which at its peak was the largest fire in Australia, has been put out by the rain, according to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

The Gospers Mountain fire, near the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, was 512,626 hectares in size – which is larger than Long Island and Manhattan in New York City combined.

NSW was on water restrictions due to the drought but the rain has started filling the dams back up. Sydney’s main dam, Warragamba, is now at 63% capacity after being at 42% capacity last week.

The torrential rain has left homes and roads flooded in certain areas. Power is out in thousands of homes and businesses.

Thunderstorms and rain is predicted for many parts of Queensland and NSW in the next few days.

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