Michael Fox, the father that brought Sydney to a standstill in 2011, says if today's climber was attempting to raise awareness to a "problem that negatively impacts decent Australians" then he applauds him.

By Joe McDonough

Posted on April 4, 2018

A man in his 40s created a traffic nightmare for Sydney commuters this morning when he climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The unidentified man scaled the iconic landmark at 4.30am and was safely apprehended by NSW police shortly before 10am and taken into custody.

The reason for the dangerous stunt is not yet known.

There are reports, however, that he demanded to speak with senior government officials.

One person who knows all too well what it’s like to climb and take a stand on the harbour bridge is Mick Fox.

The Sydney father, who in 2011, used skills he attained in the armed forces to ascend the structure and unfurl two banners which read: “Plz help my kids” and “Kids first”.

This was in response to his forced separation from his three children.

“I’ve had a pretty bad run through the separation… I’ve tried to keep it as peaceful as possible,” he told Triple M’s Grill Team at the time.

“I’ve asked for help … so many times, no one wants to help the blokes; the chicks get in first and start throwing stones, the blokes don’t stand a chance.”

The CEO Magazine spoke exclusively with Mr Fox today, and while he does not know the climber or his motives, he said he was relieved to hear he had been helped down safely, and would “buy him a beer” if he was searching for some kind of justice.

“The only comment I would offer is that if he has climbed to raise awareness for a cause and to raise awareness to a problem that negatively impacts decent Australians then I applaud him and would buy him a beer,” he said.

“However if he was just skylarking then he needs to pull his head in.”