Celeste Barber raises A$33 million in 72 hours for Australia’s fires

In NSW, Australia, there are 136 fires which continue to burn. 69 are out of control whilst a further 39 fires are burning in neighbouring Victoria. More than 26 people have died with more missing whilst more than 400 million animals are believed to have perished in the fires.

Female directors in ASX200 boards hits a new high

Australian Institute of Company Directors CEO Angus Armour said 30% was "base camp" and the next step will be a push towards a 40:40:20 model in which boards are made up of 40% women, 40% men and 20% either gender with greater ethnic diversity

Sydney Symphony appoint Simone Young as first female Chief Conductor

“I am thrilled to take up this role with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra," said Simone Young. "As an Orchestra, it is amongst the world’s finest. Since my first appearances with the Sydney Symphony 23 years ago, I have witnessed its extraordinary artistic growth. It’s a virtuosic ensemble, and it is an Orchestra of which every Australian can be proud."

Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer to stand down

Since the AUSTRAC scandal broke, the Westpac board held at least two board meetings with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison demanding the board show some accountability.

Dr Karl is first Australian to win UN’s UNESCO Kalinga Prize

“I’m ever so honoured by this prize. I simply couldn’t have achieved what I have without the nurturing environment that the University of Sydney provides for people like me who are perhaps not quite normal or in the mainstream,” said Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

It’s Sydney, not India’s Kolkata

The NSW Rural Fire Service has issued a stern warning for most of the state, urging those with respiratory conditions such as asthma to stay inside where possible, use reliever medication and seek medical help if needed.