Oliver Curtis put in charge of E-Nome

Less than six months after being released from prison, Curtis has been handed the keys to a start-up aiming to raise $60 million for the roll-out of a controversial healthcare app.

Assange offers cash reward to get killers

The WikiLeaks founder is chasing justice for fellow whistleblower Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was killed in a car bomb this week after uncovering corruption within the Maltese government.

No need for clean energy target

The Minister will detail today, in his keynote address at the National Energy Summit, that the falling costs of wind and solar energy, including battery storage capacity, are likely to enable emissions reduction without compromising affordability and reliability.

Drivers’ licence photos added to The Capability

The facial recognition software known as The Capability, previously matched CCTV footage to passport photos, but the addition of drivers’ licence headshots will expand the catalogue significantly.