Newspoll survey indicates majority of Australians endorse same-sex marriage, but resent having to pay for a plebiscite.

By Joe McDonough

Posted on October 18, 2017

The Australian has today reported that the ‘Yes’ vote is likely to prevail in the same-sex marriage (SSM) plebiscite.

A Newspoll conducted exclusively for the NewsCorp publication, has 56% of respondents voting in favour of SSM, while 37% said ‘No’, and 7% were uncommitted.

Officials are yet to count the ballot, however, and the survey indicates the ‘No’ vote has gained three points since September.

The majority of voters aged 65 and over, who are more likely to complete the postal plebiscite, are pushing back against the contentious change. While, the 18-35 age bracket is clearly seeking reform.

The poll comes as figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show more than 60% of eligible voters have mailed in their votes.

“The ABS has already sent more than 16 million forms to eligible Australians and as of 6 October has received back more than 10 million completed surveys,” ABS Deputy Australian Statistician and Taskforce Lead, Jonathan Palmer said.

While the participation rate seems to endorse the Turnbull government’s decision to take the matter to the public, that is not reflected in the survey.

In the most recent Newspoll figures, 50% of respondents said they opposed the plebiscite, and only 43% supported the approach.

Only Coalition supporters considered it to be a worthwhile pursuit, with the large majority of Labor, Greens, and One Nation voters indicating they are against the undertaking.

Earlier this month, former PM Bob Hawke lambasted Malcolm Turnbull over the $122 million tax-payer funded plebiscite, saying it was the “worst economic decision made by any Australian Prime Minister”.

The ABS recommends those that haven’t yet posted their forms to do so by October 27, as the closing date is November 7.

If you haven’t received a form, or you’ve lost or damaged it, you can get a replacement via the ABS website. You have until October 20 to request a new form.