The "good stuff" relating to JFK's assassination will be held back for six months after late lobbying from the CIA.

By Joe McDonough

Posted on October 27, 2017

Late lobbying by the CIA and other agencies will see a number of classified John F. Kennedy related documents held back from public release.

President Donald Trump has approved the declassification of 2,800 files, but more than 3,000 were set to be opened.

The remaining records, centering around the former president’s assassination, will be postponed for six months.

The agencies will use the time to comb through the documents to ensure the identities of spies and operational details are not compromised.

JFK scholar Larry Sabato said it was a case of holding back the “good stuff”, and the President said he had “no choice” but to bow to the pressure from the national security organisations.

Speaking with CBS News, Mr Sabato said: “At least most of it will not be released Thursday because not just the CIA, but apparently other agencies, unnamed — I assume the FBI is one — are appealing.”

Now that the presidential memo has been issued, the National Archives will imminently upload the highly-anticipated documents.