Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce is one of five MPs to be disqualified from Parliament, as High Court hands down its verdict.

By Joe McDonough

Posted on October 27, 2017

The High Court has ruled deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce ineligible.

Malcolm Roberts, Larissa Waters, Fiona Nash and Scott Ludlam have also been disqualified, while senators Matt Canavan and Nick Xenophon have been spared the axe.

Mr Joyce will now face a by-election for the seat of New England, where he’ll meet Independent former member Tony Windsor.

Sky News reports the Turnbull Government has lost its one seat majority in the House of Representatives, and will be in the minority for at least the next two sitting weeks.

“If all five crossbenchers voted with Labor on specific measures, producing a 74-74 result, the government would have to rely on the casting vote of the Speaker,” it wrote on its live blog.

The PM now needs a new deputy and the National Party needs a new parliamentary leader.

Joyce promises “not to cry in my beer”

Speaking in Tamworth, Mr Joyce apologised to his constituents for the inconvenience and said there would be a by-election as soon as possible. December 2 is the Sydney Morning Herald’s hot tip.

“I was always apprehensive…I was always prepared for this outcome,” he said.