Sir Richard Branson has told Willie Walsh to have kids while he still can.

By Joe McDonough

Posted on October 11, 2017

Sir Richard Branson has every intention of kneeing Willie Walsh in the groin this December.

Mr Walsh, the International Airlines Group CEO, made a bet with Mr Branson in 2012 that his Virgin Atlantic Airways would not exist in five years’ time.

This was after Delta acquired 49% of the billionaire Brit’s company. “I can’t see Delta wanting to operate the Virgin Brand, because if they do, what does that say about the Delta brand?” Walsh said at the time.

Taking umbrage to the suggestion, Mr Branson initially proposed a £1 million bet, with the money to go to either Virgin or British Airways staff depending on the result.

But Mr Walsh felt something a little more personal was in order. He told a press conference: “Branson is a billionaire banker, allegedly. I’m not a billionaire. So maybe a bet that would have as much pain to me as it would to him — a knee in the groin.”

Well, Virgin Atlantic is alive and well, and in no danger of collapsing in the next two months. And Mr Branson has not been shy to remind his counterpart of the wager.

In his new autobiography titled ‘Finding my virginity’, he wrote: “If Willie is planning to have any more kids, he had better get a move on!”