Worth of Banksy work set to soar after “brilliant” prank

The famed anonymous artist pulled off one his most subversive stunts yet when a copy of his 'Girl with Balloon' auto-shredded after being purchased at auction. Art experts are now saying the half-destroyed work could be worth up to double as much as intact copies.

Michelle Guthrie departs the ABC

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Chairman Justin Milne has announced that the Board of Directors has decided to part ways with Managing Director Michelle Guthrie.

Elon Musk urged to stop tweeting

Last week, the iconoclast CEO raised eyebrows when he announced plans to take the electric car manufacturer private over Twitter. Now Tesla board members are reportedly concerned about his loose lips on social media.

Sorry Alexa, nobody wants voice shopping

A new report from technology journal The Information has revealed that only 2% of consumers with Alexa-enabled devices are using the voice assistant to make purchases.

Brexit Secretary David Davis quits as consensus frays

Davis quit after deciding he could not abide by the most recent Brexit framework May's government agreed to on 6 July. His resignation will force a government reshuffle and is a serious blow to pro-Brexit factions.