Calls for Michaelia Cash to quit after her office tipped off media about raids.

By Joe McDonough

Posted on October 26, 2017

Labor has stepped up pressure on Employment Minister Michaelia Cash to resign, after her office was found to have tipped off the media about Tuesday’s union raids.

Ms Cash repeatedly denied that she or any of her staff even had prior knowledge of the federal government’s plan in the Senate estimates hearing yesterday.
However late in the day, after Buzzfeed claimed Ms Cash’s office was culpable, she was forced to withdraw her previous comments.

She accepted the resignation of an advisor who had alerted journalists about the AFP raids on the Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

MP Tony Burke lashed Ms Cash in Parliament, saying the “wrong person resigned”.

“Michaelia Cash has to go there’s no two ways about it… She misled the parliament five times,” he said.

Michaelia Cash has to go there’s no two ways about it… She misled the parliament five times.

Senator Cash has resisted the calls however, saying she had no prior knowledge. She said her media adviser acted without her knowledge or authorisation.

“I was not aware of it at the time and was not aware of it earlier today in [Senate] Estimates,” she said.

“This took place without my knowledge and was not authorised by me. I was not notified of the raids until I watched them unfold on television.

“My staff member has now resigned.”

The AFP raids on the AWU took place on the orders of the Registered Organisations Commission, the union watchdog, largely over a $100,000 donation the AWU made to activist group GetUp in 2006 while the Opposition Leader was secretary.